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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Didier Drogba To Be Traded To Galatasary For Arda Turan?

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File this under 'completely unsourced rumours that make some sense, if you think about it'. Didier Drogba has been linked with a move to Turkey (specifically Galatasaray) for some time, and Galatasaray's Arda Turan has been mentioned in conjunction with Chelsea more than once. So, say the rumour-mongerers, why not combine the two into some sort of MEGA-RUMOUR? It'll be awesome, right?

Right! According to the Daily Mail, which is presumably about as reliable as dating advice from Pol Pot's bestselling How To Make Friends & Not Murder Everyone, Chelsea and Galatasaray are talking about a possible swap deal in which Drogba and £7M would make their way over to Istanbul in return for the 24-year-old. The Mail claim that Chelsea will be mortified by 'only' getting £11M for Drogba, but in truth they'd also be getting out of his rather hefty contract as well, which is worth quite a lot to the team.

I wish I had more of an opinion on Turan than I do. He's quite highly-regarded, and I'm having to take that on faith because I've only ever seen him play once or twice. Apparently he comes recommended by Guus Hiddink, but so did Yuri Zhirkov and we know how well that turned out. You presumably do have to be a little bit special to captain one of Turkey's biggest teams at 22 years old, though.

I do know a couple of things for sure about Turan, though, and the first is that he's utterly adorable. He's listed at 5'9", which means he's almost certainly under 5'7" in real life, and is blessed with a low centre of gravity and extraordinarily quick feet which allow him to dribble past and in many cases through defenders. He plays left wing in a delightfully direct fashion, and although he's not a huge goalscorer can put away chances when he gets them.

If I were Chelsea and this was legit, I'd pull the trigger on the deal. However, I'd only do it if Drogba gave the ok - after what he's done for the club he should have the right to decide whether or not it's time to move on from his time at Stamford Bridge. Anyway, bringing in Turan would certainly start to address the problem at left forward without resorting to buying Neymar, which would be lovely. And it would clear open a path for Falcao to boot. There's so much crazy stuff going on here!

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