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Paul Clement Leaves Chelsea As Andre Villas-Boas Makes First Move

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Turns out those rumours of Paul Clement going were true after all, because the assistant coach has left Chelsea in the first high-profile purge of Andre Villas-Boas' reign as manager. Clement, who was by former manager Carlo Ancelotti's side for the months between Ray Wilkins' dismissal and the end of the season, failed to parley his 17-year career with the Blues into a long-term job under Villas-Boas, who still doesn't have an assistant first-team coach thanks to Vitor Pereira refusing to leave the Dragao for Stamford Bridge.

Since I'm not really in a position to evaluate the job the backroom staff do at Chelsea, I won't pass judgement on this move, but I will point out that Villas-Boas did serve concurrently with Clement when Jose Mourinho ran the club, and I'm sure that the two of them have a previous professional relationship. If Villas-Boas didn't think that he'd make an appropriate coach, he's certainly qualified to make that decision.

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