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Porto Accept Resignation Of Andre Villas Boas

FC Porto have issued a notice to their stockholders that (now former) manager Andre Villas Boas has had his resignation accepted by the board, leaving him totally free to move to Chelsea. We're going to do the Portuguese/Googlenglish thing again:

A Futebol Clube do Porto – Futebol, SAD, nos termos do artigo 248º nº1 do Código dos Valores Mobiliários, vem informar o mercado que a Futebol Clube do Porto – Futebol, SAD foi hoje notificada da intenção do seu treinador, André Villas Boas, de resolver, sem justa causa, o contrato de trabalho desportivo em vigor com esta sociedade, accionando a respectiva cláusula de rescisão, de imediato.

Nesta conformidade, o contrato de trabalho será considerado, por esta sociedade, resolvido, com o depósito da quantia aí prevista.

and then the slightly garbled...

The FC Porto - Futebol, SAD, in accordance with Article 248, paragraph 1 of the Code Securities, hereby informs the market that Futebol Clube do Porto - Futebol, SAD was today notified of the intention of his coach, Andre Villas Boas, the solve without good cause, the employment contract in place with this sporty society, triggering its termination clause immediately.

Accordingly, the agreement shall be considered by the company, resolved, with the deposit of the amount provided for therein.

That's not exactly coherent, but it gets the point across. In other words, Villas Boas is free to become Chelsea manager once the buyout payment for the release clause is received by Porto (or, as I prefer, the sporty society). After that, it'll just become a matter of him signing on the dotted line, and considering he's quitting his job to come to Chelsea and the deal is apparently fully negotiated already, one can't imagine that that will take very long.


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