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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Who Wants To Replace Petr Cech?

And now for something completely different! let's leave alone the Luka Modric rumours and Andre Villas Boas news and move on to... Chelsea's future first-choice goalkeeper?

It's wonderful that they (Chelsea) have such confidence in me and see me as the successor of Petr Cech. Chelsea has a great sporting level and I can grow at ease for a few years until I reach the first team.

This will not happen in a year or two, but three, four or five years. I might as well develop myself quietly. No matter what happens, I'll play again next season in the Genk jersey. Maybe I'll stay two years, it will depend on how I develop here. Then we'll see if I will be lent to an English team.

Guess who said that? Go on guess. Did you guess Thibaut Courtois? If not, that's ok, because I don't think anyone else did either. Apparently, he thinks he's going to be the one replacing Petr Cech, something I have absolutely no opinion on since I have never seen him play. He's 19 years old and supposed to be quite good, but my knowledge of football doesn't quite extend to RC Genk, despite the presence of midfielder Kevin de Bruyne on the team, so, hey, maybe. If Chelsea do acquire him it sounds like he won't actually turn up in England for some time, but that's ok, as I wouldn't expect Petr Cech to leave for a very long time.

Oh, and on a related note, it's incredible to think how long Cech has been a mainstay of the side and just how much longer he likely has as a top-level goalkeeper. Cech has just turned 29 and likely has another decade in him - meaning that by the time Courtois would get a chance to replace him, he might be older than Cech is now. We should appreciate our goalkeeper more.

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