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Chelsea To Announce Manager Within 'Next Few Days Or So'

So far, all of the Andre Villas Boas speculation had been fueled by sources in Portugal, with Porto in particular being coy enough to give everyone the impression that something big is going down. Now Chelsea themselves are getting in on the act as well - by saying that they hope to have an announcement about the new manager 'within the next few days or so'.

Chelsea confirm: "We hope to be able to make an announcement regarding the new manager in the next few days or so"less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

On its own, that statement wouldn't mean much of anything, but considering the current climate, which had news of Villas Boas going to Chelsea all over the place, it's a bid of a cheeky acknowledgement that there is indeed something to them. Not to get ahead of myself, but this really looks as though it's happening.

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