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Oh Dear, Guardian

So this is kind of funny: The Guardian has been a little silly with its coverage of the Andre Villas Boas switch to Chelsea, going so far as to swipe translated passages straight from Portuguese websites in their article on the Porto manager's impending arrival at Stamford Bridge. To wit:


Abramovich may leave €45m in the coffers at Porto's Dragão stadium. According to A Bola, the Chelsea owner wants to take Falcao to London as a sweetener for Villas-Boas's signature.

Jornal de Noticias (published prior):

Abramovich poderá deixar 45 milhões de euros no Dragão. Segundo o diário desportivo "A Bola", o patrão do Chelsea quer levar Falcao para Londres, uma espécie de prenda de assinatura para André Villas-Boas.

Google translate:

Abramovich may leave 45 million at the Dragon. According to the sports newspaper "A Bola", the boss wants to take Chelsea to London Falcao, sort of a gift subscription to Andre Villas-Boas.

That's some good old journalistic integrity right there, Guardian. Is it really that hard to write your own words? Your own sentence structure? And, if not, you could probably get away with it if you gave Jornal de Noticias credit, a link, a marker showing that the paragraph has been translated. Something to make it not rampant theft would be good, eh?

Their whole article is essentially a paragraph by paragraph translation. Clearly I missed out on ethics etc. by not going to J-School.

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