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Fun With Plagiarism

I mostly don't like it when people steal my work. Not because I think it's particularly valuable, of course, it's just jarring to read something that makes you go 'I agree with everything about this piece and the author is making the arguments in the same way I would and I remember writing a post like this and oh it's just my post, isn't it?' Plagiarism happens - it is the internet, after all, and after a nice old cease and desist the people mostly go away and go back to stealing credit card details or whatever else they get up to. So I don't get worked up about it.

Also, some of the stuff I write is so inane that I don't really see why anyone would steal it anyway. Take, for example, a piece I wrote talking about Arsene Wenger's desire to add height to his Arsenal team, which I opted to talk about via the hobbit route for no reason at all:

Arsene Wenger has finally cracked. After years of insisting that a band of hobbits would be enough to penetrate the fastness of Mordor and cast the One Ring into the fiery pits of Mount Doom, he's now admitted that there's no way that could ever work and is going to acquire helpers of larger stature in his quest to free the world from the dominion of the evil Lord Sauron. Or something like that. I don't pay him that much attention.

No, that's not my best piece of writing. It's a transfer rumour. I don't really care. But it did provide me with some amusement when a site which will remain nameless apparently decided to steal the piece.... well, I'd call it word for word, but they must have run it through Google Translate or something, because they ended up with:

Arsene Wenger has eventually cracked. After eld of demand that a adornment of hobbits would be sufficiency to understand the fixture of Mordor and patch the One Ring into the hot pits of Mount Doom, he’s today admitted that there’s no artefact that could every impact and is feat to take helpers of large peak in his hunt to liberated the concern from the ascendence of the grievous nobleman Sauron. Or something same that. I don’t clear him that such attention.

Plagiarism! Most of the time it's bad, but other times it's really really funny.

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