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2011/12 Chelsea Away Kits Leaked

I hadn't heard anything about a new Chelsea away kit for 2011/12, which was making me happy because I absolutely adore the ones from last season. Now I am less happy, because the good folks at Football Shirts UK have sent me what they say is a leaked image of the 2011/12 away jerseys. They were right about the home kits, so I'd imagine this is also legit, unless it's somehow our third. Take a look after the jump.

Well the huge white stripe from our home jersey is gone and while the little checks are striking they're not ugly by any means. I'm slightly concerned by what looks to be a v-shape in the paneling towards the bottom of the front, but other than that I think it's quite cool. However, it's nowhere near as cool as last year's kit, which is basically the best thing ever. If this is retiring it and they're keeping the neon green thirds, that makes me very sad.

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