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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Palermo Reject Chelsea Bid For Javier Pastore

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Someday I will not be spending all of my internet hours in coffee shops trying to drink enough hot chocolate that the staff don't kick me out for abusing their free wi-fi. Someday y'all will be getting more substantial writing than transfer rumours. That day is not today. I am sorry. At least we have a nice juicy rumour today though. Chelsea FC have had a bid rejected by Palermo for the services of midfield creator extraordinaire Javier Pastore for something less than £44M.

Chelsea was a club that we had a major offer from for Pastore but it did not reach the minimum figure that we set for a player of his quality.

If someone wants to buy Pastore, the price is £44 million. There are five or six clubs also interested, including Man City and big clubs from Spain and Italy but so far there has been nothing from them.

-Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini. Source: Mail.

Interesting. We're the first team making a bid on Pastore, and I know Steve loves him but he's a bit too inconsistent for me at that much money. Having solid interest in the world's best young players can't be regarded as anything but a bad though, though, and I'm rather pleased that Chelsea's pursuits are more or less lining up with ours. Although I want Alexis Sanchez way more than Pastore!

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