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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Kevin De Bruyne Bound For Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku Talks Ongoing

Who likes Belgians? All of you? Then I have some good news! RC Genk midfielder Kevin de Bruyne and Anderlecht striker Romelu Lukaku both sound like they're well on their way to becoming Chelsea players, although it sounds as though de Bruyne will spend a year at Anderlecht on loan before moving to Stamford Bridge. (In case you missed it, Steve profiled de Bruyne a few months ago.)

I have had time to think about my future and I would love to join Chelsea, but the important thing next season is that I play. With Chelsea there is not that guarantee, but there would be [on loan at] Anderlecht and they would be ideal springboard for me.

I know Genk are in the Champions League but they must get through two rounds anyway, and if I can improve sporting wise and obviously financially, then I hope Genk will not put any obstacles in my way.

-Kevin de Bruyne. Source: Sky Sports.

Although everyone involved is denying that this is true, it looks an awful lot like a de Bruyne loaning-out would be part of a deal with Anderlecht for Lukaku. The club is already admitting that it's deep in negotiations with the Blues for the teenage striker, and it's very hard to believe that a talent like de Bruyne could turn up ther without having something to do with Lukaku moving around. This is likely to get missed amidst all of the Modric stuff (admittedly, that rumour is much cooler), but it's still pretty interesting. Could we have Eden Hazard, too?

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