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Chelsea bid £22 million for Modric: Are we having a laugh?

A bid for Luka Modric? Fancy me excited. That number, though? Kind of an insult to be honest.


Phil Jones for £16 million. Jordan Henderson for £20m.

And we decide on a bid of £22m for Modric? Come on, son.

Sky Sports, and their impeccable sources, say Spurs have rejected our opening salvo in the chase for the Croatian. The Telegraph amongst other outlets are reporting the same, meaning this far from small development may actually have some legs.

Despite the initial rebuttal, Sky reckon Chelsea will return with an improved offer. Which begs the question: Why submit a lowball bid in the first place? We all know Modric is worth more than £22m - far more, in fact. Hell, Spurs themselves paid £16.5m back in 2008. Furthermore, Spurs are not in a position where they must sale. Modric is one of the five best players in England. He has five years on his contract, and is only 25 years old. Redknapp is bound to bleed as much cash out of this as he can, if they decide to sale of course.

If we continue with our interest - which I hope we do - this could reach as much as £35m in my estimation. And, you know, I would pay it. You guys already know how I feel about Modric. I wonder if he'd go as far as submitting a transfer request. God knows he would be crucified by the Spurs support if he moved across town. Hilarity.

Nevertheless, if this is indeed true, it's good to know that the club is targeting quality, and is willing to pay for it. Thoughts on the development?

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