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The "creative" midfielder: Who do you want to see Chelsea sign?

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So far this silly season, we've been linked more heavily to creative midfielders than to any other position (with the possible exception of Neymar). While Graham has made the point that this may be more of a luxury purchase than a glaring need, it seems that whomever is currently making decisions for the club disagrees. I'd guess at this point it's fairly likely that we come away from this transfer window having signed at least on player capable of filling this void, the only question at this point is who.

I've got profiles in the works for Javier Pastore and Eden Hazard (Pastore coming this afternoon barring any signings or any more random puppy related disasters), recently did one on Ganso, and we've also been linked to Wesley Sneijder, Luca Modric, and Alexis Sanchez*. Before I start breaking these players down, however, I wanted to get a feel for who everybody here would like to see us sign. So have at the poll I've attached, and feel free to explain your decision in the comments section below.

* I'm fully aware several of these guys could also fill the hole on the right wing, but all 6 have at some point in their career been an effective central midfielder.

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