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Hilario Signs 1-Year Extension

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How to tell that there's nothing going on today: Chelsea have signed Henrique Hilario to a one-year contract extension, marking the sixth season the goalkeeper has spent as Petr Cech's understudy with the club. If you wanted a quick guess as to how this news might effect you, Hilario has played all of once in the past calendar year, and that was in a tournament we didn't even qualify for this season.

Essentially, all this made me do was type 'hilarious' three times by accident. Thanks for encouraging my typing skills to go to hell, Chelsea. I really do appreciate it. Anyway, I think Hilario probably has the best job in the world. Congratuations are due to him getting paid millions (I assume) to watch someone much better than him go out and do their job brilliantly from the best seats in the house. I wish I was Henrique Hilario.

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