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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Wesley Sneijder To Stay In Milan

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27-year-old Inter Milan midfielder Wesley Sneijder is unlikely to be joining Chelsea this summer, despite the rumours floating around about the Blues putting in a huge bid for him earlier in the week. I know we're all desperate for some real news (a new manager, for example, would be super), but we'll have to settle for this sort of thing for now. Oh well.

Anyway, Sneijder's camp has just 'revealed' that he loves living in Milan and is very happy at the team, claiming he has no reason to wish to leave. This comes amidst word percolating through the internet ranks (a strained metaphor, but I just realised I hadn't used the word 'percolate' in a sentence in, well, ever, and wanted to rectify that) that Sneijder would demand at least the same salary that he makes at Inter if he moved to Chelsea or United, and that salary is... a lot of money.

Sneijder is currently making in the region of £135K per week, and he'd presumably be signing a five-year contract extension if he did come over, which would make the total cost of acquiring him well over £60M (or £12M per year, if you like). As one might imagine, Chelsea has balked at this. At those sorts of prices, it's easy to see why the Blues haven't been more aggressive in their pursuit of him - and thus why he is, in fact, perfectly happy to remain at Inter.

This might all change at some later date, but for now I'd imagine he's off the radar in favour of Neymar (still) and Romelu Lukaka, who might be a Chelsea player as soon as Monday. But please, please, please, Roman, I'd really like it if we could have a manager now..

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