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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Romelu Lukaku Very Close To Switch

Interesting news from Romelu Lukaku himself. The Belgian star has indicated that he'd like to wrap up a move away from Anderlecht and to the Premier League within the week, with Chelsea believed to be his preferred destination.

It is going to be one of the top two or three clubs in England, or else I stay at Anderlecht. I want to leave because I want to score goals in stadia full of 50,000 people, and to play in the Champions League.

If I go to a top club, in the beginning I know I will be on the bench, sometimes playing 10 or 15 minutes. That will be it at the start. But my goal is that, in those 15 minutes, I will grab my chance and do better every time so that, by the end of the season when it gets really important, and there are a lot of games, I will be ready.

-Romelu Lukaku. Source: Guardian.

This could be quite interesting - Lukaku is seen by many around football as the natural heir to Didier Drogba thanks to his power, pace, and lethal finishing. We know Drogba had some time adjusting to Chelsea at first, but if Lukaku comes in with Drogba still around I imagine that would make any transition far, far easier. Of course, having Lukaku, Anelka, Drogba, Kalou and Torres all in one squad seems like it would be a little bit ridiculous, and Drogba might not even be at Stamford Bridge come August. Who knows...

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