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Carlo Ancelotti Wins April Manager Of The Month Award

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Carlo Ancelotti has won PFA Manager of the Month award for the second straight month, defending his March crown with a win in April. Given Chelsea's remarkable comeback (from fifth to second in a little over three months), it's hard to fault the PFA for lavishing praise on Ancelotti after winning all his league games bar the draw at Stoke City in April.

The funny thing is, and I think I wrote this last time but I can't remember because it was a month ago, I don't think Ancelotti gets these awards if Chelsea hadn't been so atrocious in November and December. After all, awards are mostly about exceeding our expectations. If Chelsea never had that huge slump, they'd already have won the Premier League title and people would simple shrug their shoulders at Chelsea's rather astonishing spring form.

This award isn't going to have any impact on whether or not Ancelotti stays with Chelsea, for those wondering, but it's pretty nice to have one's manager recognised. It's just a shame that David Luiz couldn't defend his title too.

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