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Guus Hiddink 'Would Consider' Chelsea Offer


Interesting news from one of our favourite Dutchmen: Guus Hiddink has declared that he'd be interested in an offer from Chelsea, and would consider anything concrete. Even if you're not a huge fan of Hiddink, this is a much more fun rumour than the Harry Redknapp nonsense from earlier in the week...

If there was a concrete offer, then I would think about it. There's nothing concrete. You cannot go into all kind of speculation or rumours because there's nothing concrete. The moment things are concrete, I'll go to where I have to be, direct. First, get this game done next Friday, a difficult game, you know. Then we'll see.

-Guss Hiddink, Turkey manager. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

Obviously, thinking about an offer isn't the same thing was ''would accept an offer', but it's much better than him coming out and saying that he isn't going anywhere. There are a few interesting parts of the statement, actually - perhaps the most curious part is that Chelsea apaprently haven't made Hiddink an offer yet. Speculation was rife that Carlo Ancelotti was fired so soon after the end of the season because the Blues already had their future boss lined up, and if Hiddink hasn't been approached that rather strongly implies he isn't going to be managing. Director of Footballing? An entirely different matter.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens now. But this sounds far more promising than the previous news coming out of his camp.

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