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Chelsea 0-1 Everton: The Season Is Over, Hurray!

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Chelsea lost 1-0 to Everton at Goodison Park in the final day of the season. They did not play the reserves, instead getting a miserable performance from the first teamers without Didier Drogba in the squad. Somehow, they contrived to be worse than an Everton side who were reduced to ten men after a second yellow card for Seamus Coleman, eventually conceding when they couldn't be bothered to stop Jermaine Beckford's run into the penalty box.

Anyway, Chelsea lost, which would usually involve me getting angry, but I was angry before the match - in a totally meaningless game Carlo Ancelotti decided to play a full-strength team rather than doing something useful like introducing prospects to top-flight football. Totally unsurprisingly, the veterans played terribly in a meaningless game, and we lost. I'm pretty sure the reserves could have lost while looking terrible as well, so I'm really not sure what was gained by fielding such a strong team.

Anyway, I'm done talking about the game. It was terrible.

Instead, I wanted to thank everyone who's been a part of We Ain't Got No History, from the highs to the lows to the mostly middling in betweens. Commenters, co-writers, lurking readers, everyone. Thank you. You've made dealing with Chelsea's season far more bearable and made following football in general more interesting. You've also indirectly ended up getting me a job writing about this sport for a living, something which I can't effectively express my happiness about.

The season might be done, but we aren't. We'll be here all summer as Chelsea begin the search for a new manager and new crop of players, and we'll be here as the Blues try to make up for a dismal year in 2011/12. I can't promise anything past December 21st, 2012, but up until then, I'm hoping that everyone who reads this will keep on enjoying the site.

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