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Fabio Borini makes it clear that he's leaving Chelsea this summer

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The writing has essentially been on the wall since January, but if we were holding onto any glimmer of hope that Fabio Borini would be returning to Chelsea for next season his recent comments (via The Mirror) have made it clear that we shouldn't:

It is a fact I will leave Chelsea, because I didn't renew the contract," he said. "I want to carry on playing and I would like to stay in England because it is the best football in Europe.  Negotiations went wrong at Chelsea so we both chose to go away and let the contract expire.

Borini and Scott Sinclair have been the key players in Swansea City's run to the play-off final, so hopefully they'll push Swansea through that last hurdle to get into the Premier League for next season.  In my opinion, it would be great to see both of them playing in the top flight, along with their coach Brendan Rodgers who was formerly our reserve coach.  Borini will still latch on to a top flight club if Swansea fail to qualify, so I'd look to see him at least twice a season for the next several years regardless.  It's hard to fault the youngster for leaving, as he's clearly well down on the pecking order with Chelsea's depth at center forward currently.  Best of luck with your future Fabio, thanks for the time you spent here.

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