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PL Recap: Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Sometimes you have to ride your luck. Sometimes you make your own luck.

Today, we did a bit of both.

Comedy hour

The Rundown
• We won.
• We won without scoring a legitimate goal. Bonus.
• We're three points off the pace with United yet to face the Arsenal.
• John Obi Mikel is blowing the fuck up.
• Didier Drogba is a God. Build this man a temple off Fulham Road. Erect a 450-foot bronze statue of the Ivorian, place it inside. Surround statue with an Ionic frieze depicting our warrior's triumphs and travails as a member of this club. A bas-relief featuring the words 'It's a fucking disgrace' for all the world to see. God Damn right.
• England's Brave and Super Frank deserve similar treatment.

What was a dominant start from the hosts was wiped from the books in a millisecond by one of the goals of the season - Sandro curling a wonderful 30-plus yarder past Cech on the half-volley. It was a sucker punch. Fortunately for us, Señor Gomes - and the linesman were in a giving mood. A routine, nay ambitious, shot from Lampard was fumbled by the lovable goalkeeper toward goal. It wasn't anything special. In fact, it was a pretty poor effort. But, you know, we don't really care. Gomes leaped toward his goal in an attempt to keep the ball from crossing. He grabbed it, caressed it, made passionate love to it in an attempt to convince the officials. It may - or may not - have crossed the line. Regardless, Gomes' efforts were for naught and the goal was given.

It was a moment that restored some belief in us prior to halftime. After all, we had taken a heavy blow and were struggling to recover from it.

Then came the second half. We probed and pushed, but never quite had the juice required. We were denied several calls in the process, including a dead-on penalty when Kaboul lunged through the back of Malouda inside the area. Andre Marriner was clearly intent on making up for his linesman's potential mistake in the opening half. Splendid.

But we didn't pack it in. We kept attacking and were rewarded for that approach a minute before the end of regular time. Anelka, Drogba and Kalou swarmed the box, with the former two somehow managing not to get in each other's way. Drogba rolled the ball to Kalou at the near post, slightly offside, who poked home.

Offside? That's two dubious decisions in our favor. Who the fuck would've thought it.

Spurs, meanwhile, in the midst of the pivotal fight, showed little, well, fight. Not exactly what you want to see if you're Harry Redknapp. Were they even remotely interested in grabbing something from the game? It didn't appear so. One shot on goal would attest. All this from a team in the midst of a back-alley fight for a spot in the Champions League - and the money that comes with it?

So that's a massive three points ahead of United's trip to the Emirates tomorrow afternoon. We could potentially be three points astray if Arsenal can somehow do us a solid. And to think, we were fifteen points adrift in February. Amazing.

Britain Soccer Premier League

Player Ratings

  • Petr Cech
    Called into action how many times? Once. Had no chance when Sandro pulled his golden ticket. 6
  • Branislav Ivanovic
    Managed to put in a sturdy shift, as per usual, despite struggling, particularly early, with Bale's pace. His crossing, again, has come into question around these parts. Rightfully so. Still, you can't argue with his contribution this season. Amongst the favorites for player of the season in my mind. 6.5
  • John Terry
    Very good I thought. Marauded forward a tad much for my liking but, overall, was a leader of men. 7
  • David Luiz
    Thought far too stationary at times, was efficient in his work. 6.5
  • Ashley Cole
    Anyone remember hearing a sniff out of Aaron Lennon? Yeah, men neither. 7.5
  • John Obi Mikel
    The master of ceremonies. Hardly put a foot wrong, driving us forward during a second-half display in which he was the best player on the pitch - by a fair margin. It seemed like he retrieved the ball for us at every instant. Has been a revelation since returning to the side. 8.5 MotM
  • Michael Essien
    The impostor returned. Was woefully off the pace during the second half, and was rightfully pulled for Ramires. 5
  • Frank Lampard
    The goal, yes, but also provided those vintage - much-needed - incisive runs into the box. Threatened sporadically. 7
  • Fernando Torres
    Be fair, it was a superb start for the Spaniard. He was incisive, hungry and played some lovely balls. He faded severely, however, in the second half. Isolated. Looked highly perturbed at being substituted, which is unfortunate. Get over it, man. 6.5
  • Florent Malouda
    An off-day, rare at this time of the season for the Frenchman. 6
  • Didier Drogba
    An inspiring figure at the moment. This time, right now, goes as far as The Mighty One goes. His first-half free kick, from, what, 40 yards was stunning. Should we even talk about his work ethic out on the right? Fighting for the cause. 8.5
  • Ramires
    Made a distinct difference to our midfield when he replaced Essien. Rusty, as to be expected, but was a bundle of energy. 6.5
  • Salomon Kalou
    Looked out of it for a few minutes, then came alive. Then popped up with a priceless goal. His best-ever season for the club continues. 7.5
  • Nicolas Anelka
    Kind of carried on from his lively substitute appearance against West Ham. Was in the mix during the winner. Great to see. 6.5

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