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Arsenal Beat Manchester United; Time For Chelsea Fans To Freak Out

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Well, nobody can say that this Premier League race is boring, can they? Manchester United, who were three points clear of Chelsea and had a game in hand went to Arsenal and lost - deservedly - on a neat finish by Aaron Ramsey. That'll improve the mood of Arsenal fans who've been feeling awfully sorry for themselves lately, but more importantly for us it puts Chelsea's title fate back into our own hands.

Win at Old Trafford next weekend and Chelsea are back in first place (we were, if you recall, in fifth in the middle of January) and probably favourites to defend their title. Obviously, going to Old Trafford and winning is a tough ask, but for a week at least we have some real hope, and that's all we could really have been asking for after a miserable winter period where we earned something like negative twenty points out of a possible thirty.

Chelsea are now genuine title contenders again, and if they somehow win... well, let's not think about that just yet. Anyway, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Arsenal, thank you Arsene Wenger, and thank you Aaron Ramsey. Heroes.

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