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Video: Drogba the 'monster' debates with supporter

"The rage burning inside Didier Drogba as he was ushered down the tunnel by Paulo Ferreira suggested that this was no warm-up for the main event at Stamford Bridge in two days' time. This was a match that Chelsea badly needed to win and as they strove to haul themselves past a resilient and resourceful Stoke side, one of their fans suggested that Drogba should have put the ball into the box. The striker with a boxer's build squared up to his questioner as the final whistle went and had to be led away."
-Tim Rich, the Independent

I read a couple of game leads in passing over the weekend. Not because I was interested in what these authors thought of the match, but more as a form of catharsis. I wasn't exactly fuming following the result - I, like many, have felt the league title was gone months ago - but disappointment was still there in full bloom following the draw.

It was during this perusal that I came to read about Drogba v. Chelsea fan. The lead-in statement is just one of many that touched on the subject, and proceeded to bastardize it. I was understandably intrigued by the incident - if we can call it that - considering The Mighty One's track record. It wouldn't have really surprised me had he actually vehemently confronted said fan. Hell, he may have even socked him in the ovary.

But, you know, he didn't. Not even close.

Rage, Rich says. Where? All I see is Drogba approaching the fan with a calm demeanor and attempting to get this fan to come down from his seat and speak to him face to face. Pulled away by Ferreira? More like the two strolling off with arms on each other's back. RomCom-esque yes, but nothing like being pulled away from a television camera by your then-manager in an absolutely fit or rage and injustice.

Yay for sensationalism. Check the visual below and judge for yourself.