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Fernando Torres Gets Unlikely Backer

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Fernando Torres will come good. I know most of you reading this website regularly would agree with that - it's a little bit lunatic to make snap decisions based on a lack of goals so far, considering it's been all of two months and he's actually played rather well, but it's nice to get some other people saying it. His most recent high-profile backer is... Sir Alex Ferguson? Take it away, Fergie:

Of course [Torres] will start scoring. I just hope he waits a little bit, at least until after the tie against us. When Chelsea signed him, everyone said what a great signing he was, and rightly so. Now everyone says that it was a mistake. Can people be more ridiculous? Of course he needs time to adapt.

-Sir Alex Ferguson. Source: Gazzetta dello Sport.

In that same interview, Ferguson highlighted the role of luck in separating the two sides over the past few years, but he was more magnanimous towards Chelsea than usual, saying that although he thinks Chelsea were lucky to win, contests between the two sides are so close that to win always requires luck. While highlighting Didier Drogba's offside goal* and David Luiz's hilarious how-is-that-not-a-sending-off-good-grief may smack of sour grapes there's a pretty deep point to be made about the role of sheer random luck in football games.

Both Manchester United and Chelsea are excellent teams - I maintain that Chelsea are better on paper, but with the huge slump in form of most of our top attacking players, it's very hard to separate the top three sides in England on talent alone. Luck doesn't get talked about nearly enough as the decider when these sides meet, but it's there, and we should never pretend it isn't.

*Why does nobody ever talk about Fernando Macheda's handball, incidentally? Can you get any more clear-cut?