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Who would you start against United?

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Last Saturday versus Manchester City I thought Carlo did an absolutely fantastic job with his tactics.  His opening pairing of Torres and Kalou up front wore out an already tired defensive unit, slowing them down for when the aging pairing of Drogba and Anelka entered the game.  Ivanovic at RB gave us an extra threat on set pieces against a team likely to concede a bunch, and Mikel was likely somewhat less useful against a team unlikely to press forward except on the counter attack and generally lacking size.

Against Stoke, Carlo absolutely butchered it.  He clearly wanted Drogba in the game for his aerial ability, and I'm on board with that decision 100%.  Branislav Ivanovic would have been perfect for this game, as would Mikel.  Both provide solid ability in the air and would have added an element to our offense while providing extra help on set pieces.  Both would have also provided excellent cover when David Luiz makes runs forward from the center of the defense.  His substitutions also left a lot to be desired.  I'm sure we'll hear plenty on the botched tactics leading up to the champions league on Wednesday.

My question for today is simple.  Wednesday is arguably our most important match of the season to date, at home against a very good opponent.  With that in mind, I'd love to hear what lineup and formations would you like to see Carlo employ against Man United, and why?  Keep in mind that both Alex and Yossi seem likely to be available for the bench, but neither is likely fit to start at this point.