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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Gregory Van Der Wiel Not Going To Bayern Munich

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During the January transfer window, much noise was made about the possibility of Ajax right back Gregory van der Wiel joining Chelsea in order to fix our rather unbalanced situation there - currently we have all attack (Jose Bosingwa), all defence (Branislav Ivanovic) and a guy with good hair (Paulo Ferreira). Van der Wiel, already a full international for Holland, is considered to be one of the top right back prospects in the world, but recent rumours that he was signing for Bayern Munich rather seemed to scupper the thought of him heading for Stamford Bridge this year. So, on that front, good news!

reports in Germany suggest that Bayern have pulled out of race for Ajax RB Gregory van der Wiel. might well mean that CFC deal is doneless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

If Chelsea can secure the services of van der Weil and a wide forward in the summer without hemorrhaging depth in the prcoess, we'd be looking at a very very good team for next year. Hopefully it's the current round of rumours that are true, not the ones that having him go to Bayern.