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What to do with Danny Sturridge

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Agent Sturridge struck again on Sunday, scoring one of the goals that helped Bolton defeat Arsenal and leave them three points behind Chelsea in third place.

bol1067676 by arsenalist

It’s one of the questions we’ve been asking since Studge went out on loan and started scoring goals constantly – what to do with him when the loan spell is over?

Sturridge has scored six goals in seven Premier League matches for Bolton and was ineligible for their FA Cup semifinal last weekend, where they clearly missed his presence and goalscoring ability. It’s refreshing to watch him be able to start matches and score goals, but could that happen for him regularly next season at Chelsea?

The 21-year-old recently stated that he does see his future with the Blues: "I don't have any other aims but to become a regular [at Chelsea].

"If I can achieve that, then great, but if not I obviously would have to assess what's going to happen.

"But I'm a Chelsea player and I love playing for the club."

If we keep all of our strikers in the summer, then Danny might still be behind Drogba, Torres, Kalou and Anelka fighting for a starting place in August. But maybe he will turn out to be the one who can work best with Torres, building up a fearsome young strike partnership. Anelka has even admitted he wouldn’t mind a rotation system and finding himself on the bench occasionally, opening up places for Kalou or someone like Sturridge to get chances.

So what does Studge offer that our other strikers don’t? Well, at the very least, he was scoring goals when none of our forwards could - albeit for another team. And at times when most of our team are happier to pass backwards, Sturridge isn’t afraid to take on opponents and try to get past them. He gets in the box. He’s not flawless, though, of course, but he is still young and can improve, especially if he’s learning from world-class players like Drogba and Torres.

We certainly don't want to be getting rid of him, but we do need to figure out how to best use him - and our other strikers. The big puzzle.