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Fernando Torres Scores! Post-Match Reaction Thread/Video

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All it takes to end a drought is a little bit of rain. £50M man Fernando Torres has finally notched his first goal for Chelsea, and it was a crucial one as we were looking in serious danger of dropping points at home against West Ham United. The whole team went over to celebrate with the striker and after the match was over (he set up the third goal as well, possibly by accident) Torres took some time to cheer the fans before departing.

Here's your post-match reaction thread:

Fernando Torres: "I am more happy for the fans then for me at getting my goal." #chelsealess than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Well we're super-happy for you too, Nando. Thanks for turning what looked like being a frustrating match into a event to celebrate. Here's to many more. Here's the goal: