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MotM Poll: Chelsea 3-1 Birmingham City

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The fight.


I haven't gotten a chance to see the match yet - was stuck blogging Spurs for The Score - but it looks as if we kind of cruised to the points. Good, not great, news.

Better news? We're up to second on goal difference thanks to another Arsenal capitulation. Wonderful. Are we seriously still in this? Un-fucking-believable.

Flo seems to have snatched his mojo back from the clutches of one Dr. Evil, netting twice on the day. That's three goals in three games after, what, a six-year drought? He played well against West Bromwich as well. Blimey. And, of course, Salomon would contribute properly. Well done to him.

Onwards and upwards then. Like I've said, we just need to focus on winning out. Let the chips fall as they may. KTBFFH