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Harry Redknapp Has Not Been Contacted By Chelsea

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Good news everyone! Harry Redknapp has apparently not been contacted by Chelsea with a view to being our manager next season. This is the first I'd heard of him being linked to Carlo Ancelotti's probably-soon-to-be-vacated seat, and hopefully the last, too:

I don't take a lot of notice [of the rumours of me heading to Chelsea]. I just get on with it. It's speculation. I've never spoken to anyone from Chelsea. No one's come to me and said that Chelsea are interested in me or anything else. I've got a job to do here. I love it here. I'm happy here.

-Harry Redknapp. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

Back to daydreams about Jose Mourinho and Villas Boas for us now. Thank goodness. Oh, and before anyone hates on me for implying that Redknapp is a bad manager, he's not. He's done a fine job turning Tottenham Hotspur into an interesting, entertaining side that's more than capable of qualifying and holding their own in the Champions League. He's just not a good fit for a club that's trying desperately to win the league every year and one that's built around a totally non-English tactical system.

Also: The rumour mill has it that Bayern Munich have reached a deal with Ajax to acquire Gregory van der Wiel in the summer for €10M. Not sure how reliable that is, but something to keep our eyes on. Holland right back van der Wiel has been linked heavily with Chelsea as they attempt to re-balance a hugely left-sided attack.