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Chelsea FC 1-2 Manchester United, Champions League Quarter-Final: Post-Game Reaction Thread

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First of all, congratulations to Manchester United on advancing to the Champions League semi-finals. The better team won, and I think we all knew the tie was over as soon as Ramires picked up that second half red card. Anyone saying they didn't deserve to go through is at least mildly delusional. That said, Chelsea had a chance, played it close, and got miserably unlucky several times. They could have won this one and nobody would have batted an eye.

But it wasn't to be. The first leg had bad tactics, and the second leg had... I don't really know what it had, but if we don't take gilt-edged chances when their defence is being ripped to shreds, we don't deserve to win. I'm disappointed in some of the managerial decisions, I'm disappointed in some of the players and I'm certainly disappointed in some of the refereeing decisions. That said, I'm also proud of them - they came close to taking down an excellent side, and most importantly they learned from their mistakes.

Some good teams are already out of the Champions League. Both Milan teams are done. Arsenal and Spurs are out. Yeah, I think we're probably better than all four of those sides, but considering the draw, missing out on the semi-finals was always entirely possible. We lost. It happens. We'll be back next year, and we'll be better next year. Until then, we've got nothing left to play for. Play the kids, get Fernando Torres a goal, figure out the plan. Don't sack Carlo over losing a Champions League knockout tie against Manchester United. It's reasonable to be disappointed but I don't think it's reasonable to be angry.

Thanks to everyone who joined in to share the misery. Y'all make it easier to deal with.