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New Chelsea FC Home Kits Officially Introduced

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It's like yesterday's leak only with a video and 100% confidence that these are official. It looks like all y'all are pretty evenly split between the new jerseys and the current ones, with a slight edge to the new, and I have to say that I'll probably come to either accept or ignore those giant white panels given a couple of months. Anyway, here's the video from Chelsea:

Frank Lampard says that the new kits are a little bit tighter and he likes that more (for those of you who watch Chelsea games entirely to perv on him, and I know you're out there). Fernando Torres, of course, hopes the kits will bring good luck. I was going to point out the conspicuous absence of Didier Drogba, but turns out he shows up too, just much later.

Oh yeah, and the goalkeeper kits have been revealed, too (starting at 0:51). These, I think, are really nice. White with some minimal black/dark brown paneling and piping? It reminds me of the Germany international kits. Petr Cech has never looked better. The new kits will be first worn on May 12th against Newcastle. Anyone planning on getting one already?