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What would you do? Your team, your system at Old Trafford

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There's this match at Old Trafford tomorrow evening, maybe you've read about it around the web. You know, it may define our season.

Who do you like?

We've tackled tactics throughout the season. This time is no different. However, there's just one thing: I'm not sure that this side of the game has ever been more critical to our success than it will be at the Theatre of Dreams. This promises to be epic, and we must be ready for said epicness.

So, summon your inner-Mourinho and tell us 1. how you would line up, then 2. approach the match.  I know I'm interested in seeing how others feel about this one. Here's what I offered as part of the match preview:

Choosing a team to do the unthinkable is, well, unthinkable. We need cohesiveness, drive, incisiveness and, of course, lethality in front of goal – something glaringly lacking in recent matches, particularly the opening leg. In short, we need a team that can do it all, and do it all better than good. This game defines our season; we must perform like it.

Regardless of risk, Alex must return to the first team. Bosingwa is far too much of a liability, as we all know, and we must have an aura of impermeability. Even a half-fit Alex gives us that in my mind. Say the Brazilian isn’t ready to go, however. I would opt for Essien at right-back. He’s proven himself to be competent in that position previously, and would make a far more useful option compared to the donkey that is Bosingwa. No disrespect, of course.

Four or three in the midfield? You know my answer. Mikel flanked by Ramires and Lampard. Lampard hasn’t exactly been setting the world alight, but he still represents our best scoring option from midfield. Malouda returns after a somewhat promising display in the dullness that was Wigan to the left side, with Anelka responsible for the right in a free role. Torres starts alone in the center. Drogba was better in our last two matches, you say? And you would be right. I just feel that The Mighty One offers far more an impact than Nando in a reserve role. Further, Drogs has been excellent in the few times he’s come off the bench. If we demand a spark, he can provide it. So, too, can Yossi. Speaking of substitutions: If changes are needed, they must be made in a timely manner. None of this waiting until around 70 minutes to seek a miracle. That’s far too late, even if we only need a lone goal to force extra time. If it needs to be done on 40 minutes, then do it.

Here’s my preferred XI. Dissect as you see fit.

Preferred XI

Now let's hear from you.