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Yossi Benayoun Makes Return From Injury, Discusses Fernando Torres

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Yossi Benayoun remains unable to play a full ninety minutes of football (I can't actually remember the last time he played ninety minutes for Liverpool, let alone Chelsea), but that comes as no surprise considering he's been out for something like seven months. Apparently, 45 minutes against Wigan was pretty tough on the midfielder.

Anyway, Benayoun was interviewed in a mostly fluff piece for (how do you feel after coming back from an injury? You feel less like your foot's about to fall off? Fantastic!), but I thought his comment about the team struggling to adapt to Fernando Torres was interesting:

In the games [Torres] played for Chelsea he did great movement but Chelsea are used to playing with [Didier Drogba] where you play to the body and not into the space, but slowly the players know him better.

-Yossi Benayoun. Source:

It's interesting to me the difference in styles between Drogba and Torres, because Benayoun is right on here - Torres is strong and quick, but nowhere near strong enough to hurl the ball at him and expect him to beat the defender. His real skill lies in being able to be first to uncontested areas, and Chelsea aren't really used to playing that type of ball to a centre forward, because Drogba normally sits high up enough the pitch that uncontested areas aren't actually that dangerous. 

While the fact that many are harping on about the fact that Torres has yet to score for the Blues is annoying, it's true that Torres hasn't had many opportunities to score (although he should have converted at least some of them). This could be taken to reflect on badly on Torres, but I think it's much more of a factor of him being misused at present. And we still haven't seen him as a lone striker.