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Thursday discussion topic: Who is your favorite player of all time?

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News will be a little slower this week during the international break, so I thought now would be a great time to toss out an interesting topic for discussion.  With the pictured David Luiz quickly becoming a cult hero around these parts, I'd fully expect that many Chelsea fans will be developing strong emotional ties to our young centerback as his career progresses (especially if he continues to score timely goals while providing excellent defense).  Watching Luiz immediatley brought back fond memories of my favorite player of all time (more on why later), and has me writing up a post about him that is turning out to take a massive amount of time.  It really has been bringing back fond memories though, and really is getting me to look at Luiz and several other Chelsea youngsters in a whole new light.

We've all got different backgrounds with the game, with some following it from a young age and some beginning to follow it just recently.  Many of us follow several different leagues and have teams and players we love to watch that have never played for Chelsea.  Others probably don't follow the game much outside of the Premier and Champions Leagues.   Largely because of this, I'd guess the community here will have quite a few different answers as to who their favorite players of all time are.  I'm not going to open a poll for this one as I have really no idea what to expect for a range of answers here, but please think about it for a bit (if you need to) and leave a comment below telling us your favorite player.

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