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David Luiz Is Learning English (And It's Really Really Cute)

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If you wanted less David Luiz love around these parts, I have bad news for you, because our favourite Brazilian centre half has contrived to get even cuter in the wake of Chelsea's 2-0 win over Manchester City, a game in which Luiz scored the opener. 'How?', you might ask, and that's a very reasonable question. After all, this is a man who looks like Sideshow Bob, defends like the second coming of Richard Carvalho, and does a passable imitation of Andrea Pirlo when he has the ball at his feet. To use the vernacular, he's prettying god damn adorable already.

The answer? Luiz is learning to speak English. Here are the things he has learned so far:

It's hard not to be at least a little charmed by a man whose tenuous grasp on the language revolves entirely around his love for what he's doing. But no, he's not done. He also knows 'thank you boys', 'thank you Chelsea', and best of all, 'thank you geezer' (Michael Essien helped):

Replying to being given a bottle of champagne with an embarrassed 'thank you geezer' would have stolen my heart, I think, had it not already been firmly in Sideshow Jesus' clutches. My goodness.

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