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On Daniel Sturridge and Stupid Rumours

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It's been my policy at We Ain't Got No History (leaving aside the last few days of the January window) to only comment on Chelsea transfer speculation when there's a direct quote from a reliable source. Players, managers, owners, are all fair game. My hope has always been that this will move us away from tabloidesque rumour mongering to only covering actual stories. However, in light of a series of quotes from Daniel Sturridge that have led some to claim he's thinking of staying at Bolton, I'm reconsidering my approach:

I'm delighted to be playing every game and playing 90 minutes, that's the main thing. The goals are coming and I'm delighted with that, so if I can continue doing what I'm doing then it'll be a great future for myself. I'm trying to work hard and the manager has instilled a lot of confidence since I have been here and let me play football the way I like to play it. I get to express myself on the pitch and go out there with no fear.

My reading of this is that Daniel Sturridge is happy to be playing football and happy to be scoring goals. There is no possible way to read it as 'I want to stay at Bolton Wanderers', and yet... BBC gossip has it as Sturridge wanting to stay in the northwest, which they got from Metro (the article linked), and now that rumour is slowly spreading across the internet for no reason whatsoever. It's pretty annoying, and yet the articles follow the same rules as I use - get a quote, comment on it. They're just ridiculously, ridiculously stupid. Sturridge may well want to stay at Bolton, but a) he can't and b) he hasn't said anything to that effect. At all. There's no hinting at staying at Bolton. There's no hinting at anything. Football players like playing football! Astonishing.

In light of these developments, I've decided to amend my transfer talk policy to include my not being stupid as a requirement when I write these posts.

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