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Juventus Describe Chelsea's Acquisition Of Lucas Piazon As 'Unethical'

Juventus are angry at Chelsea FC over the club's impending acquisition of hot prospect Lucas Piazon, who turns 18 next January. Chelsea, apparently, have had the gall to offer Piazon a reasonably lucrative contract; somewhere in the region of £17,000 per week, which according to Juventus, is highly unethical behaviour. According to the Mail, Sporting Director Giuseppe Marotta had the following to say about the situation:

We’re actually proud that we haven’t signed Piazon under these conditions. It would have been unethical to pay a minor a salary in the region of €1million (Euros).

What would his future team-mates be thinking? Players who have yet to sign a professional contract.

First of all, Mr. Marotta, that last sentence isn't one. I'll let that slide since it's the Mail quoting you, so it's probably wrong. What I won't let slide is the unethicalness of paying a minor that much money, because a) he's signed a pre-contract agreement and will be joining Chelsea (and thus being paid) when he turns 18 and b) it's completely logically inconsistent to argue that giving a minor a bigger salary is somehow worse than giving him a smaller one. It's a bizarre ramble by the chief of a team that's clearly angry on having lost out in the chase for Piazon's signature.

And I managed to get through that whole post without mentioning the irony of Juventus calling anyone else's behaviour immoral. I should get some sort of prize.

Update: A friendly Juventus blogger has pointed out that the Mail's translation wasn't great and that Marotta wasn't actually attacking Chelsea, which renders this post a little bit pointless. Here you go:

I'm honored to have not signed Piazon to these conditions. It wouldn't have been ethical [for us] to offer a teenager a million euros a year. What would his youth teammates have thought, those that he would have played with, those who have yet to sign a professional contract? It's hypocritical to argue that players earn too much, and then criticize our behavior in this circumstance.

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