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Fabio Borini apparently headed to Swansea City


Chelsea's under 21 striker Fabio Borini has been the object of considerable speculation this season, as his contract is set to expire in June and talks of an extension seem to have stalled.  Rumors have been cropping up all season that Borini was unhappy with the lack of playing time he's been receiving, and he's had concerns about when his chance in the first team is going to come.  Borini has been free to negotiate with other clubs since January about a summer transfer, but as of yet we've heard nothing about a potential deal.  Borini would obviously like an opportunity to showcase his skills to increase his value, and that benefits Chelsea regardless of whether or not he resigns with the club as players under 24 can't leave without a transfer fee being paid via Fifa rules.  

Rumors this afternoon began to crop up that Borini was close to reaching a agreement with Swansea on a loan deal for the remainder of the season.  Swansea is in the middle of a promotion push, and want to add a young energetic goal scorer if possible.  They were in talks with the club about Daniel Sturridge prior to his loan to Bolton, and according to Borini's facebook page today he's set to head to Swansea for the remainder of the season on loan.  Here's hoping Borini plays both well and often for the rest of the season, as quality performances from the young striker will only help the club.

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