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Ashley Cole Will Not Face Charges Over Air Rifle Shooting

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As you all are no doubt aware, three weeks ago Ashley Cole managed to shoot 21 year old student Tom Cowan with an air rifle while 'larking about' with the gun at Chelsea's training ground in Cobham. Obviously this was perfect media fodder with a critical match coming up against Manchester United, so the story was all over the place - despite being fairly overblown. Cowan was hit in the side with a pellet from the gun and was treated on site for the injury, with no need for him to go to hospital. Meanwhile Chelsea brass 'dealt with' the situation, presumably by shouting at Cole until he stopped trying to defend himself, then fining him two weeks wages.

Obviously, bringing an air gun to training is stupid, and firing it at someone (even by accident) is also stupid, but since nobody was really harmed in the incident it was hardly a criminal affair, and the Surrey Police have sensibly declined to press the matter further, claiming that they were "satisfied that no breaches of firearms legislation" had occurred. I'm pretty glad of that, because if an accidental shot with an air rifle breached firearm legislation, that would be even stupider than Cole's actions that led up to this whole mess.

Anyway, case hopefully closed.

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