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Dear Fernando: A personal message for our new No. 9

Fernando, we know you're out there. And we want you to know we care.


It's been a traumatic 10 or so days for you.

You moved to a new city, one so full of promise yet one so new, so unfamiliar. You initially longed for the comfort of home, and the company of many of your Scouse friends. Others, not so much. New school (or club) as well as new prospects - Elisabeth Shue or Champions League?

And, of course, new obstacles.

Those damn Cobra Kai. And that frickin' bike! Stupid bike! They tried to beat you down. The moment, it overwhelmed you. You were ready to give in.

But you didn't. You found that you were indeed at home. Finally. You rediscovered your zest for life thanks to a wonderful new Sensei - Miyagi is clearly a student of King Carletto.  And, now, you're ready to triumph over all.

Why? 'Cause you're the best around.

Sidenote: Fear does not exist in this dojo.

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