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Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool: Reaction

Yeah, was sort of like that.
Yeah, was sort of like that.

Yeah I'm not a happy boy right now. We didn't deserve to be beaten - terrible officiating hurt us badly - but we sure didn't deserve to win, either. What was Carlo Ancelotti thinking with this lineup? The way the match played out was beyond obvious from the beginning, from before the beginning. 3-6-1 beats 4-4-2, and I don't care how good our strikers are, they'd have had to been Harry Potter characters to get through that Liverpool defence. We saw Liverpool play this shape against Stoke in midweek and we should have had the foresight to realise it would be what we encountered at the Bridge today. Instead, we bumbled blindly forward. That's inexcusable. Were we starting Fernando Torres to make some moronic point in a pissing contest?

About the only bright spot was the debut of David Luiz, who was about as classy a centreback as I've seen since Carvalho was at his best. He was playing on his weaker side too. I'm so so so glad we made that buy. All hail Sideshow Jesus!

Congratulations to Liverpool on the win - it was just about deserved, although Raul Meireles' goal was kind of stupid (cancels out Maxi's miss?). As for Chelsea, that performance... well. I'd say that was preordained.

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