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Meet Bob: David Luiz speaks

Many of us didn't think Bob would be here this time last week. But Bob's here. And Bob is primed to be a defensive monster for the pride of London for many, many years to come.

There are two types of people in this world ...

Who's Bob? Bob is David Luiz. Why Bob? Well, because of our newest central defender's resemblance to a certain eccentric character from The Simpsons. So that, as they say, is that.

Bob is a unique talent. We've spoken here of his natural ability, his athleticism, his superb pace and, of course, dogged defensive determination. The former Benfica star has been involved in a whirlwind couple of days, which he closed so graciously by speaking to ChelseaTV. There's some great stuff nestled in this interview, from what it means to be a member of Chelsea Football Club to why he has taken a liking to the number 23.

Here's to looking forward to hearing more from this young man in the near future. We may well see him end this wild week by doing his speaking on the field, against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Super Sunday. That's doubtful - for a number of excellent reasons - though I'm sure we'll see Bob heavily involved in many a showdown at the Bridge as the season comes to a close.

Below are some choice bits from the talk. Make sure to click the link above to read the interview in full.

On coming to Chelsea
"I always knew there would be competition because Chelsea is a big club and you have to be a top player to play here. It is a big challenge for me, but I have a strong desire to get a space in this group and establish myself and learn from my new team-mates to become a better player and have more skills.
"The best league in the world is the Premier League, so I am so happy to be here playing with and against big players. All great players want to play against other great players, and I hope this is my time."

On familiar faces
"I talked with him a lot of times before my transfer and Ramires always said he hoped I would come here because it is a special place and he would be happy if I came here and now we can play together again after our year at Benfica.
"I have known Alex for a long time. I have a lot of admiration for him, I like his football and his personality, and obviously we have both played in the national team, so he is somebody who I know well."

On his on-field and off-field personalities
"I am a quiet guy, this is very different from when I am on the field. Outside the field I am a 'take it easy' guy, I have a simple life. Inside the field my personality changes because I am tough when I play, but I like to stay at home, I have my family in Brazil, and the simple things make me happy.
"I don't know yet if my family will come to England, they are in Brazil and sometimes I see them when I am with the national team but it would be difficult for them to live here because it is cold!"

On the choice to wear 4 and why 23 is a special number for him
23 is occupied by Daniel Sturridge
"I like 23, the shirt I had at Benfica. Before in Vitoria, my first club, I had number four, and for the international team I wore number four, so it made sense. Also, 23, two, three, four, so why not?!
"I liked Michael Jordan as a basketballer who wore number 23, but also David Beckham at Real Madrid, and also if you have David Luiz Moreira Marinho, my full name, there are 23 letters."

Bonus: A couple of visual pieces of splendor for your enjoyment.

Bob on ChelseaTV:

Bob, Obrigado:

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