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Ashley Cole Apparently Shot A Dude

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News of the World is apparently reporting that Ashley Cole has shot either a fan, student, member of Chelsea staff, or all of the above with an air rifle at Cobham. Granted, it's News of the World reporting it, so hey whatever, but it's at the very least interesting, although mainly because the idea that Cole could actually hit anything he shot at. You've got to hand it to NOTW, though - if you were picking Premier League players most likely to be shooting folk, Cole would be up on that list for many people.

Here are some of the headlines I'd have expected to see instead:

  • Ashley Cole tries to shoot man from 18 yards but misses wide.
  • Ashley Cole falls down before he can pull trigger, target unharmed.
  • Ashley Cole shoots, kills fan in row Z.

From what little I understand of the story, the 'World Exclusive' is at least partially based on truth, although highly sensationalised and about something that happened at least a week ago. Fear not for Cole's presence, however - this seems more about stirring up trouble than any real threat to our left back in terms of legal proceedings or suspensions. It's funny that it's popped up just hours after Wayne Rooney elbowed James McCarthy in an off-ball incident at Wigan and just ahead of a Chelsea-Manchester United match, though. Good timing, eh?

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