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Is This Didier Drogba's Last Season At Chelsea?

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With the arrival of Fernando Torres, will the soon to be 33 year old Dider Drogba still be playing for Chelsea at the start of next season?

It is a question that Jason Burt has asked, with Drogba's bench-warming activities when the club played away at Copenhagen indicating that Carlo Ancelotti's strike force of choice could be Nicolas Anelka and Fernando Torres. But does it matter which manager is at Chelsea?

Drogba has not been at his best this season, that is plain to see. The same is true for most Chelsea players though.

What is more important is Drogba's age, and the value he would potentially still have if Chelsea offloaded him at the end of this season compared to the season after, at which he would be 34 and unlikely to be viewed as a player worth much investment. I suspect Dider Drogba would have a more certain future at the club if Carlo Ancelotti left and was replaced by the man who brought Drogba to English football, Jose Mourinho.

For now though I'm sure all Chelsea fans will just want Drogba to concentrate on regaining the form of the goal machine he was not that long ago. That would be, after all, the easiest way for Drogba's future to remain at Stamford Bridge.

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