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Chelsea reportedly missed out on a target Monday

Roman is smiling, but apparently he wanted more...
Roman is smiling, but apparently he wanted more...

While there was much celebrating among Chelsea fans after signing Fernando Torres and David Luiz on Monday, there was one negative that seemed to creep in for some (myself included).  Had the mega deal given to Torres removed us from the market for Romelu Lukaku?  Could the two co-exist in a lineup in the future, or had we just filled his potential spot?  If Chelsea were out of the picture for him now, would he end up with a rival?

According to The Daily Mail, Lukaku still very much fits into Chelsea's plans, both now and in the future.  Chelsea wanted him so much, in fact, that they bid a little over 25 million English pounds for him  on Monday afternoon.  According to Anderlecht general manager Herman van Holsbeeck:

Chelsea wanted him this winter, but after consultation with his agent, we decided to decline the offer from the Blues. He is not ready yet, and we still want to hold on to him for one to two seasons. His price? €30 million (£25.5m)

Unfortunately for us, that bid was rejected by the club.  The good news is that Lukaku will likely be sold in the summer window, as he's stated all along that he wanted to finish school in Belgium before joining the Premier League.  It's also very clear that Roman wants him, as 25 million is a tidy sum for the 17 year old.  Hopefully the news that Lukaku is still very much in our plans puts a smile on your face this morning, but if not I'll leave you with a lovely little quote from Lukaku during his visit to London last year:

I'm very pleased to be here – unfortunately, I didn't meet Drogba. If ever one day I will cry, it will be when I sign for Chelsea.

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