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Chelsea's Twitter Enters Alternate Dimension

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The following quotes are tweets from Chelsea FC's official Twitter account during the FA Cup match against Everton today.

EVERTON SCORE! 88 mins.less than a minute ago via web

Game over and we release our hold on the FA Cup courtesy of Everton’s late late winner. So many of our chances saved or just not good enoughless than a minute ago via web

Oh dear just seen Everton goal disallowed for offside!!!! It's extra time so let's make it count. Anelka on for Malouda #CFCless than a minute ago via web

Note: The second tweet was subsequently deleted. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that this was by far the most entertaining thing about this match. Marouane Fellaini had 'scored' in the 88th minute, turning in a rebound from Leighton Baines' rather tasty shot from just outside the area, but the midfield giant had strayed offside and his strike was disallowed. It took until extra time began - almost ten minutes later - before Chelsea's Official Twitter noticed that the game was in fact still 0-0.

Chelsea are now in have lost a penalty shootout at Stamford Bridge after Baines cancelled out Frank Lampard's goal with a very late free kick. What did Chelsea's twitter have to say about that goal?

... ARTETA EQUALISES - last minute of extra time. #CFCless than a minute ago via web