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Pick One Player: Premier League

What single Premier League player would you take over the next ten years if you wanted to build a team from scratch with only average resources? To me, this is a really interesting question, as it raises all sort of issues. How do you weight factors like youth, salary, position, intangibles?

The most valuable property in the league isn't necessarily the best player. Few would argue that Carlos Tevez isn't a fine player, but he sucks up more resources than many teams would be able to afford - he's a highly inefficient asset who Manchester City can utilise because they have an unreasonable amount of money*

*Yes, I know. I'm a Chelsea fan.

Anyway, I'll give my answer in a few days, but I wanted to let y'all loose on the problem first so as not to bias anyone (unless you were going to say Tevez, in which case oops). Come on in and share your thoughts! Remember to take into account more than just skill, though. Assuming there are enough responses we can then poll the group to figure out who the community's winner is, and then I'll reveal mine. Unless they're the same player, which would be less work for me, so that's what I'm hoping for.

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