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Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Tips Football Upside Down. Again.

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In recent months there have been increasing murmurs that Roman Abramovich's enthusiasm and commitment to Chelsea was waning. That the Champions of the English game were starting to suffer from an ageing squad and a lack of investment in recent years, as Abramovich insisted on focusing on developing talent within Chelsea's Academy.

I was one of these people. I was worried. I questioned whether Roman was starting to grow tired, bored of his Chelsea project to make the London club the biggest force in club football not just in England, but in the world. How wrong I and others were to question. The event's of today have shown once again just how drastically Chelsea's Owner is willing to shake things up.

A man like Roman Abramovich is used to getting what he wants. More than that, the Russian billionaire is clearly a man who knows how to get what he wants. Pretty much as soon as the initial £35M offer was made to LiverpoolFernando Torres asked those at Anfield to consider the offer. Then he handed in a transfer request.

Make no mistake about it: if Abramovich had targeted a top player who didn't want to leave their club, he would have been unlikely to get his man at such short notice. But the targeting of Torres clicked, it worked perfectly. In a few short days an integral member of Liverpool's team was a new Chelsea star.

Of course, it took a mammoth £50M as well, a huge financial commitment that demonstrates that Abramovich is still willing to open up his wallet for the right player. And it didn't stop there. Lets not forget that Chelsea have also secured the services of one of the most promising defenders in the world as well in the form of Brazilian David Luiz. Benfica were very reluctant to sell Luiz but Chelsea tenaciously chased and chased, counter-offering and negotiating, backed up by Abramovich's willingness to spend in excess of £70M in this January transfer window.

If Chelsea are to still retain the Premier League Title and win our first Champion's League trophy, the investment was needed. The club now has two more truly world class players ready to help get things back on track. 

Just as it looked as if the chips were down and that Roman Abramovich was starting to become a more withdrawn Club Owner, he has shook world football to its core once more. Critically, unlike others, Abramovich gets it: Chelsea cannot rely on multi-multi million pound deals forever. But when we do legitimately need those kind of funds, he is willing to back this football club to the hilt in order for Chelsea Football Club to remain one of the very best in the world.

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