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Chelsea FC's Sweet 16 of 2011 - Round 3, the Final Four

Ignore all the bad joo-joo. Let's reminisce about the good times. Your choice of New Year's libation is optional in this scenario, but certainly helpful. Personally, I'm savoring a pint of Hofbrau (Original), but it's early.

So we're down to Final Four of sweet Chelsea moments of 2011. Voting in Round 2 was slightly harder than Round 1, but we only had one truly close matchup. I guess sometimes these things may be more evident than we would think. Certainly tough to debate the impact and significance of such new stalwarts as Daniel Sturridge, Juan Mata, or Andre Villas-Boas.


Hit the jump to learn about the Final Four and to cast your vote to decide the participants for tomorrow's (next year's!) final.


  • David Luiz may have smacked down Fernando Torres but he proved powerless against the Slick Spanish Shaman. Juan Mata dribbled past him as if he were some hapless defender (O_o). Jokes. Just jokes. But Mata's in the final and Sideshow is off to the side making funny faces.
  • The closest yet of any matchups was the bout of matching score lines versus two of Manchester's finest. Surprisingly, to me at least, the 2-1 victory over Manchester City has been voted winner versus the 2-1 victory over Manchester United. Perhaps the proximity of the former result has helped sway the vote. Thus falls the season-defining (at least at the time) victory over Doucharito and Co.


  • Just like his form in 2011, Daniel Sturridge has so far proven unstoppable, scoring an easy victory over the even younger crop of (potential) Chelsea stars. Their time will no doubt come, but not just yet.
  • Facing off against SHOOTAH for a spot in the final is none other than the manager, Andre Villas-Boas. Certainly, AVB's first half-season in power could've gone smoother...but perhaps he will redeem himself, starting with a victory in this here ever important poll! Hehe.

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