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Owen Coyle doesn't believe that there will be any issues with Gary Cahill joining Chelsea FC

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We've already linked you over to Lion of Vienna Suite today for their quick analysis of what was likely Gary Cahill's last match with Bolton. After the match Owen Coyle was asked about the Cahill situation and any potential snags that may have occurred and had the following to say:

I heard what Andre Villas-Boas said the other day that they were a bit apart. He's obviously heard from the one meeting.

They've only had one meeting with Gary's representative and then, with the games coming up, I had to make sure Gary was focused. Gary hasn't spoken to Chelsea yet.

It's like anything else, if I got into a meeting with you, we're not going to shake hands after two seconds and agree, you're going to be apart, that's how negotiations work.

Coyle's comments really do make sense from every angle. Clearly Bolton are focused on the task at hand of gaining points whenever possible, and both Chelsea and Cahill will likely be quite a ways apart at the beginning of negotiations. AVB has used the same wording before when discussing a deal about Alvaro Pereira over the summer and we know that we remained in discussions with Porto until the transfer deadline on that one. While some are certainly hoping that this snag is a bit more serious than Coyle makes it out to be, I fully expect we'll hear that Cahill and the club have come to an agreement in the next several days. Stay tuned, the real fun can finally begin in about 2 1/2 hours...

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